Saint John energy customers pay around 10% less than the rest of the province - right here in Saint John we have some of the lowest rates in the whole country.

Saint John Energy is building a platform for innovation in smart grid, renewables, and responsible business attraction, starting with the lowest electricity rates in Atlantic Canada.

We are proud to have one of the highest reliability records of any utility in all of Canada. Saint John Energy has fewer and shorter outages, scores high in customer satisfaction, and operates so efficiently that savings can be passed on to customers.

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Economy Basics

  • We deliver reliable electricity at lower rates (10% lower residential rates)

  • We provide $9-10 million direct annual economic benefit in the City of Saint John

  • We purchase over $3 million of goods and services from local vendors

How We Do It

At present, we don't generate electricity. We buy electricity from NB Power and distribute it in our region. We maintain the grid and lead the way in offering customers energy-saving products and services. A great example is the recent national award-winning heat pump rental program that was so successful it went province-wide. Whenever we can we purchase from local vendors and that injects millions a year back into the local economy.

Debt Free

Saint John Energy has saved the region about $10 million dollars annually on its power bills and we've done all this with smart business practices without incurring debt. What's new for us all is that, for the first time, our customers will soon
be able to generate their own electricity as an option to our traditional supply.

Powering Our Future

The day for affordable renewable energy is just around the corner. Being small and nimble means Saint John Energy can adopt leading innovations, at just the right time, in partnership with post-secondary researchers and local engineering firms.
We are exploring the use of solar panels, wind turbines, heat pump water heaters, and the coming widespread use of electric vehicles.